Apr 25, 2004

Q: Now, Korea had big explosion.

Do you have planning to visit North Korea in this year?


Mr. Shintaku, Osaka Japan

A(Oct 13, 2004): I have visited DPRK in Sep.18-22.


Aug 4, 2003

Q: if you have any fotos videos dokuments about North Korea and you can send me this dokument by ordinary letter (post), I will by wery pleased for your help.

p.s. I'm very interestet North Korea.

Piotr JendruĊ›(Poland)

A: SinoKorea respects copyright, so we can't offer others' production to you.


Apr 15, 2003

Q: a mysterious website about north korea: www.dprk.org.cn .

A: www.dprk.org.cn belongs to Zhang Hong, the owner of www.language-museum.com and the author of shareware Chinese-Korean Convertor. Zhang Hong is a friend of Alejandro Cao de Benos, the president of Korea Friendship Association(www.korea-dpr.com).

You can find the detail of the domain through China Internet Network Information Center(